Virtually Join These Book Clubs in Newark, DE

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Winter brings with it a longing for cozy days spent in our Newark, DE apartments, a warm drink in one hand and a book in the other. But choosing the right book for the right time can prove to be a daunting task. These three virtual book clubs in Newark may be the perfect fit for you, offering recommendations and more.

The Girly Book Club

The Girly Book Club is an organization open to all women from all corners of the globe. Started in London, UK in 2008, the club has grown to a membership of 12 countries and 120+ cities including Newark, DE. Not only will you find a diverse selection of books, you will also find companionship on your journey as a reader within the Newark charter. The Girly Book Club book list is a great place to go to find out if the reading material is right for you. 

The Greater Wilmington-Newark Book Club

If the thought of joining a worldwide book club is overwhelming, consider The Greater Wilmington-Newark Book Club.  Since 2007, this book club has met every month to discuss contemporary fiction, classics, non-fiction, movie adaptations, and lots more! Not only is it local, but you can join in the discussion online through weekly Zoom meetings! To find a list of books the group has read, check out their Goodreads page.  To learn more about joining, click visit their Meetup page.  

New Castle County Libraries

If you are still unsure whether you should commit to an actual group, The New Castle County Libraries offer monthly book selections with in-depth synopses to help you find the perfect book for winter. The Cecil County Library also provides resources to keep you reading along with their select reads, Book Buzz newsletter, and book discussions.  Wherever you are on your reading journey, there is a book for you.

Book clubs provide an opportunity for growth in all areas of life, be it social, mental, or spiritual. What better way to keep connected with your neighbors than through the written word? Now is the perfect time to re-commit to your reading life through these book clubs in Newark, DE.  If you’re looking for more ways to dive into reading, check out all the virtual events the Cecil County Library has to offer. 

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